About B. Stofast

About the Artist
Barbara Stofast

A Bit About Barbara

Born into the small community of Humber Summit, I was surrounded by marshes, fields and woods. A winding dirt road led to the small white house, number 100, that my father had built on the top of a hill. Too soon, the majestic pines, the magnificent weeping willows, the wild haunts of the Humber River Valley were unseated by the suburbia of the City of North York and later the GTA. The evensong of frogs fell silent. Thankfully, my parents' idea of recreation was not metropolitan, but led us into nature: hiking the Escarpment, backwoods camping and canoeing, annual cottaging in the Kawarthas... This time in the natural world was my anchor, and my soul is still most renewed and refreshed by interaction with the world as God created it. My kids joke that the best birthday gift they could give me is to bring me into the woods and to leave me there. I collect memories in nature as solace, replay them like music when I need comfort and stillness, or inspiration and motivation. This love of Creation is a constant theme in my art. Each piece is a reflection on a moment of connection with nature.

A Bit About my Process

I love to explore and push the boundaries of my favourite medium, acrylics, often incorporating found materials from nature. The resulting semi-abstract paintings engage the eye and make your fingers itch to explore the highly textured surfaces. Aside from a general direction and feeling, I usually follow no planned and executed itinerary as I move from a blank canvas to the completed painting. Rather than creating a literal depiction, I am interested in capturing the emotional response or connection to a place or moment in time. With each creation I embark on a journey of exploration and archaeology as each canvas evolves to completion. I am often excited and surprised by what unfolds as each piece follows a cycle of creating and responding, making and uncovering, discovery and invention.

Barbara Stofast currently lives with her husband in Barrie, Ontario. She works out of her home studio where she paints and teaches in the company of one tiny dog, and not far from her adopted turtle Brunhilda.